Marketing of Miniature Herefords

Where will Profits be made from Breeding Mini Herefords?

Over the last few years we have participated in discussions with the two main miniature cattle breeds Associations and other breeders both in Australia and overseas regarding the future of the industry.

Don Burke summed it up when he said on one of his TV shows that the strength of miniature cattle is the fundamentals are already proven, which is often different to other exotic breeds where the end market is unknown.

The principles of marketing miniatures are quite simple:

  • They are extremely efficient converters of food to their prime product, that is, prime cuts of beef.
  • They produce a new style of beef; that is, small sized cuts of beef that are perfectly suited to the restaurant trade, that will be sold at a price premium
  • The Miniature Hereford prime cuts are also sold direct to the consumer using the Internet in the USA
  • They are easy to manage and very docile in nature; handling helps this tendency.
  • They require no special veterinarian care – they are just a smaller version of regular beef cattle.
  • So potential owners only need to decide whether to become breeders themselves – and invest in stud cattle, or to just grow their own herd of small cattle, in which case perfection of bloodline is less important.
  • Stud stock is obviously more expensive but you can then sell their offspring as stud stock to others.

We at AMH can advise you on the pros and cons of these two approaches.