The miniature cattle market in Australia is entering a rapid growth phase, but most importantly the future market for the end product (beef from miniatures) is very likely to be assured through the efforts of a number of dedicated breeders. These breeders are determined to ensure that miniature cattle are not promoted on the basis of unsustainable promises, in the way that other exotic breeds have been exploited. The Australian Restaurateurs Association is displaying an interest in working with miniature breeders to promote the concept of smaller but full cuts of better quality (texture and taste) beef for use in restaurants. In summary, the key advantages of breeding miniatures are:

  • Miniatures convert food consumed to body weight more effectively than conventional sized cattle (around 40% of the food intake producing 60% by weight of the prime cuts) and mature up to 20% earlier.
  • Miniatures are small, easy to handle and easier on your paddocks and dams – won’t pock those soft areas as readily as conventional-sized. Are bred for placid and ‘friendly’ temperaments.
  • An evolving market for the end product (quality beef cuts) with existing infrastructure support (local breeders).
  • The broad recognition and acceptance of the Hereford breed makes them very marketable and they are able to be registered with major international Hereford Associations.
  • Miniature Herefords are no different to full size Herefords from the point of view of veterinary care.

(That’s us!)

AMH knows the animals. We have visited leading Miniature Hereford breeders in the USA and Canada and personally selected our breeding stock, based on heritage, conformation, eye pigmentation and docility.

AMH has been involved in speciality livestock breeding for several years and we have dedicated significant research time to Miniature Herefords.

AMH can assist with Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET) advice and contacts and selection of recipient stock.

AMH can link you to members of the Miniature Herefords Network, who collectively can provide you with a full range of cattle, embryos and semen

In the Central Tablelands of NSW we have experienced an ‘once in 100 year’ drought for the last 5 years. The cattle have survived and survived well. They have held their weight and maintain their breeding cycles. In this area, other producers are experiencing an unprecedented number of animals not falling in calf, thereby disrupting their farms productivity. Our miniature cattle have not had this problem.

Miniature cows possess traits that make them perfect for a variety of settings. Perhaps the most adaptive of bovines are the Herefords, they thrive in both cold and warm climates, consume less feed and pasture, and because of their docile, inquisitive nature . . . are easy to handle and, quite frankly, just plain pleasant to have around. People wanting steers or stud cattle, need to let us know, so we can put their names on the waiting list.